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Churchill College, Cambridge was founded in 1960. It teaches in the region of 476 undergraduate students and 228 graduates. Churchill is known primarily for science subjects (though it does take students on arts courses!). All undergraduates live on campus. The University radio station, which regularly wins best student radio station of the year award, is run from the college. The college is ranked in position 6 of 29 in the Tompkins Table of academic results for the year 2014 (where 1 is the top possible score). It is located around 1.19 km from the centre of town.

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Churchill, which is a little far out from the centre of town (about 15 min walk), boasts a fantastic secret! It is home to a little basement with one of the best student radio setups in the country. Of course students at any college can become members (they teach you how to use the stuff) - but it would be great to be near if you wanted to do lots of shows. Fitz is also very close. Well worth a visit - apparently good parties at Churchill too.. Very unpretentious. ps you can checkout the station if interested - called CUR 1350 and broadcasts on local AM and on the internet

Study (3), Artiness (3), Sport (4), Music (3), Facilities (3), Accommodation (3), Smugness (1)

Review by Neil - Went to a different college for medicine - add your impression

Study (5), Artiness (3), Sport (3), Music (4), Facilities (4), Accommodation (3), Smugness (2)

Review by Undisclosed - student (November 14, 2010) - add your impression

Churchill has loads of rooms so accomodation for undergrads is provided for all three years of your degree. The sports grounds are huge and on-site, which is great for a quick kickabout. With all the grass needing tending, we are awoken in the summer months by the roar of lawnmowers.

Our library is large, well-stocked, especially for science students and is open 24/7. Churchill students tend to study lots (how else to we get such ace results?!) and then go brag about how little we're studying and how laid-back we are. And we definitely are laid back.

We have loads of cool modern art and sculpture, but an obvious lack of flowers and colour. The buildings aren't picturesque or pretty but they are certainly interesting-looking.

Music is good here: we have a practice room, studio and large rehearsal room, all of which can be booked. We have regular jazz nights in the bar and the college has an excellent and locally renouned big band imaginatively named "Churchill Jazz." Lots of students here play instruments in the Orchestra we share with the other Hill Colleges. We also have a free college bop every Friday with a different fancy dress theme each week

Study (5), Artiness (2), Sport (3), Music (2), Facilities (5), Accommodation (5), Smugness (2)

Review by Julian - 2nd yr science undergrad (March 28, 2011) - add your impression

Churchill is a really friendly college- everyone is made welcome, and there are so many opportunities. The sports and music facilities are amazing, and it is really nice to be out of the town centre and away from the tourists. Our heating works, and because everyone lives in college for their 3 undergrad years, there is quite a lot of mixing and friendships between years. There is a nice mix of people of different backgrounds and college manages to keep the good parts of 'traditional Cambridgeness' without the stuffiness. Even arts students are made welcome...

Study (4), Artiness (2), Sport (4), Music (5), Facilities (5), Accommodation (5), Smugness (1)

Review by Beth - 3rd year undergrad (February 3, 2010) - add your impression