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Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge

Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge was founded in 1348. It teaches in the region of 546 undergraduate students and 173 graduates. The college is ranked in position 15 of 29 in the Tompkins Table of academic results for the year 2014 (where 1 is the top possible score). It is located around 0.04 km from the centre of town.

Courses offered [ + ] Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic | Archaeology & Anthropology | Architecture | Asian and Middle Eastern Studies | Chemical Engineering | Classics | Computer Science | Economics | Education | Engineering | English | Geography | History | History of Art | Human, Social and Political Sciences | Land Economy | Law | Linguistics | Management Studies | Manufacturing Engineering | Mathematics | Medicine | Medicine Graduate Course | Modern & Medieval Languages | Music | Natural Sciences | Philosophy | Psychological and Behavioural Sciences | Theology & Religious Studies | Veterinary Medicine | (additional courses are often available to post-graduate students and many colleges offer complex arrangements of modern languages - please see our courses page for details )

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Study (3), Music (3), Sport (3), Smugness (3), Artiness (3) Facilities (3), Accommodation (3)

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Excellent central location including fantastic library in Senate House. Generally a pretty cool college... not too brainy and well known for participating in a wide variety of college sports to great success. Also the only place to go if you fancy pennying Steve Hawking

Study (4), Artiness (3), Sport (4), Music (2), Facilities (5), Accommodation (4), Smugness (2)

Review by Carl - Undisclosed - add your impression

Library is fantastic, best college library in Cambridge - used to be the Law library. Very good location, this is more important than you think. Hall system with high attendance, much more sociable than once a week formals etc.

Study (4), Artiness (3), Sport (4), Music (5), Facilities (5), Accommodation (4), Smugness (3)

Review by Charlotte - Student (September 8, 2009) - add your impression

Most of the unique aspects of Caius have been covered in the previous comments but one thing I would add about the hall system is that, having initially resented it, I now love the fact that I know I'll see all my friends across all years at Hall every night (and no washing up!). It's made the college a really friendly place - within 3 months, I felt like I could recognise and smile at almost everyone I passed and there's a great bond within the year groups.
History wise, the college has catered for us really well, organising lots of extra talks and visits as well as ensuring we get the most best supervisors from across the University.

For more info, there's a brand new alternative prospectus: http://www.caiusjcr.org.uk/prospectus

Study (4), Artiness (3), Sport (3), Music (3), Facilities (4), Accommodation (4), Smugness (2)

Review by Kirsty - 2nd year History (August 29, 2011) - add your impression

Generally not a bad College. Advantages include its central location, nice and sociable first year accommodation and good library. Disadvantages are, amongst others, the strict fire safety policy meaning that NO proper cooking facilities are available in undergraduate accommodation. All that is provided are: a microwave, a George Foreman grill, toaster and kettle. One CAN cook meals with these, but it is by far not as a good as having properly equipped kitchens, as provided by most other Colleges. Other disadvantages (relative to some other, comparably old/rich Colleges) include the rather tight money policy considering the wealth of the College. Trinity Hall, Jesus, Trinity and St John's do a much better Job at that. Accommodation is on average quite good, but there is nothing available at the upper end of the spectrum comparable to some of the rooms which for instance John's, Jesus and Trinity boast. The dining requirement is a point of considerable debate: on the one hand Caius have the cheapest Formals in Cambridge (at a price of merely GBP 3.25 in 2010/11), on the other hand students are made to attend or, even if they do not attend, still pay for 36 of these. Many have argued that the dining requirement is very good in making people socialise more with their peers in College than they would otherwise do, especially if not living in the city centre. However, the quality of food is not generally brilliant (still good considering the price), so quite a few people would prefer to cook for themselves rather than have to go to College dinners. This is hampered also by the lack of decent kitchens.
Academically, Caius generally does quite well (usually amongst the top ten of the Tompkins table - although, of course, exam results are but one indicator of academic excellence). Fellows are, as far as my own experience goes (for Natural Sciences), very competent, and give very good supervisions in their respective subject areas.
In terms of facilities, Caius probably boasts one of the most attractive College libraries in Cambridge. The bar, hall and JCR are very attractive also. Harvey Court Gardens are very nice for spending some time in during the summer.

Study (3), Artiness (3), Sport (4), Music (4), Facilities (4), Accommodation (3), Smugness (2)

Review by Max - 3rd year Student, 2011 (June 20, 2011) - add your impression

The college authorities are quite arsy - and will try and take money from you at every opportunity! But the first year accommodation is very good. You have to eat in hall 36 times a term, and the food isn't particularly good. This is something you should be aware of! You would live out in a house in your second year.

Study (4), Artiness (2), Sport (4), Music (3), Facilities (4), Accommodation (4), Smugness (3)

Review by Ben - 3rd year student (June 20, 2011) - add your impression

Pretty good college. Maybe if we had more ents that would be good- not really the best social life of all. Bops happen 3 times a term and they are all the same- have to be drunk to enjoy. Known for the worst food in Cambridge- and from my experience that is true! Is a system where you have to eat in hall.

Study (5), Artiness (1), Sport (5), Music (5), Facilities (5), Accommodation (3), Smugness (4)

Review by Mgawa Mkandawire - 3rd year engineer student (June 20, 2011) - add your impression