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Homerton College, Cambridge was founded in 1976. It teaches in the region of 572 undergraduate students and 470 graduates. The college is ranked in position 24 of 29 in the Tompkins Table of academic results for the year 2014 (where 1 is the top possible score). It is located around 2.6 km from the centre of town.

Courses offered [ + ] Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic | Archaeology & Anthropology | Asian and Middle Eastern Studies | Chemical Engineering | Classics | Computer Science | Economics | Education | Engineering | English | Geography | History | History of Art | Human, Social and Political Sciences | Land Economy | Law | Linguistics | Management Studies | Manufacturing Engineering | Mathematics | Medicine Graduate Course | Modern & Medieval Languages | Music | Natural Sciences | Philosophy | Psychological and Behavioural Sciences | Theology & Religious Studies | (additional courses are often available to post-graduate students and many colleges offer complex arrangements of modern languages - please see our courses page for details )

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First things first, though it started life as a teacher training college, it now offers many many more subjects.. That said it is somewhat hard to shake off the reputation and you do meet lots of teachers. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing in a university!

Our sports team, the Griffin's Club is very inclusive and everyone is encouraged to take part, or if drama's more up your street it's quite well represented (a few plays each term run by the college). There are also 6 music practice rooms to cater for our orchestra, swing band and other groups...

The rooms are very nice and mostly ensuite, though rent is a little higher to reflect this fact. Onsite sports pitches are a real plus, and while there's no gym.

Probably the main draw back is that it is set a little way from the centre of town. A fifteen minute cycle is about all it takes and there are buses which do the trick... However it is close to the hospital, and not terribly far from the chemistry / scott polar research institute if these are of interest to you! (great canoe to see in the library of the latter for the procrastinators reading)

Study (3), Artiness (3), Sport (3), Music (3), Facilities (4), Accommodation (4), Smugness (1)

Review by Chieh - Undergrad (August 26, 2009) - add your impression

Now a fully fledged Cambridge college, Homerton is a beautiful place to live and work. It's location about a mile out of the city centre (only a 10 minute bike ride) has many benefits - spacious grounds, it's own orchard and a peaceful haven away from the bustle of the tourist-filled town! The new accommodation blocks blend in well with the older, Victorian buildings - unlike many colleges with their 60's type-writer style blocks - and the Great Hall is one of the largest in Cambridge.

Being one of the largest colleges in terms of undergraduates, there is a great mixture of people and a really friendly, unpretentious atmosphere. Drama is strong and many Homertonians are very prominent players in the ADC. Sport is also strong, with a team for almost any sport you can imagine - even Ultimate Frisbee!

Facilities are excellent. The college stands in 15 acres of sports grounds and gardens, including on-site football and hockey pitches. There is a dance studio, grass tennis courts and a squash court, as well as a nearby swimming pool within easy walking distance. The JCR and MCR common rooms have been recently refurbished, and the modern bar contains a large screen for watching Sky TV, a pool table, a Wii and comfy sofas. The buttery is also open daily for snacks and drinks.

Accommodation is good. Homerton has the most en-suite rooms with internet connection of all the Cambridge colleges, and first years are guaranteed an en-suite. Accommodation is also provided on-site for all three years of your degree. Although the rooms aren't huge, they are modern, comfy and easy to personalise. The corridor layout of West House (where first years reside) is also great for making friends. Second and third years go on to live in either the older rooms in the Cavendish building, or large, modern en-suite rooms in South Court. Kitchen facilities are brilliant compared to many of the central colleges. Hobs, microwaves, toasters and fridges are shared between around 8 people, with everyone getting their own lockable cupboard.

Food is good, but not cheap. Formal hall is around £12, but food is generally nice, and meals in hall are usually around £3. The buttery also does nice baguettes and a lovely hot chocolate!

Add to that the ultra-friendly porters, the 24-hour library and the sociable, relaxed atmosphere and you have a fantastic place to live and work.

Study (3), Artiness (4), Sport (3), Music (3), Facilities (4), Accommodation (4), Smugness (2)

Review by Em - Student (September 30, 2010) - add your impression