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Pembroke College, Cambridge

Pembroke College, Cambridge was founded in 1347. It teaches in the region of 442 undergraduate students and 155 graduates. The college is ranked in position 2 of 29 in the Tompkins Table of academic results for the year 2014 (where 1 is the top possible score). It is located around 0.46 km from the centre of town.

Courses offered [ + ] Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic | Archaeology & Anthropology | Architecture | Asian and Middle Eastern Studies | Chemical Engineering | Classics | Computer Science | Economics | Engineering | English | History | History of Art | Human, Social and Political Sciences | Land Economy | Law | Linguistics | Management Studies | Manufacturing Engineering | Mathematics | Medicine | Medicine Graduate Course | Modern & Medieval Languages | Music | Natural Sciences | Philosophy | Psychological and Behavioural Sciences | Theology & Religious Studies | Veterinary Medicine | (additional courses are often available to post-graduate students and many colleges offer complex arrangements of modern languages - please see our courses page for details ) | locate on map

Facilities: there's a library which is pretty well stocked but closes at midnight sadly... The computer room's always open though. Music wise we have music pratice rooms with grand pianos, and a great venue (New Cellars) for all sorts of gigs/parties.

Sports: there's a gym in the college (24 hour) and we have some fields about 10 mins cycle away.

Drama: lots of footlightsy people here and great chances to get involved with the pembroke players which does lots of plays and comedy shows in our theatre

Politics: pembroke has a pretty open minded student union and was proudly made the second ever fair trade college!

So... Lots of reasons to come.. And everyone's very nice - so do check us out!

Study (4), Artiness (4), Sport (3), Music (3), Facilities (4), Accommodation (4), Smugness (4)

Review by Rachel - Undergraduate (August 26, 2009) - add your impression

Study (5), Artiness (4), Sport (5), Music (4), Facilities (5), Accommodation (4), Smugness (3)

Review by Undisclosed - Engineering student, graduated 2006 (July 20, 2011) - add your impression