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Hertford College, Oxford

Hertford College, Oxford was founded in 1282. It teaches in the region of 371 undergraduate students and 230 graduates. The college is ranked in position 7 of 30 in the Norrington Table of academic results for the year 2014 (where 1 is the top possible score). It is located around 0.10 km from the centre of town.

Courses offered [ + ] Archaeology and Anthropology | Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular | Biological Sciences | Chemistry | Economics and Management | Engineering Science | English | Geography | History | History and Economics | History and Politics | Human Sciences | Law | Mathematics | Mathematics and Philosophy | Medicine (A100) | Music | Oriental Studies* | Philosopy, Politics and Economics (PPE) | Physics | Physics and Philosophy | (additional courses are often available to post-graduate students and many colleges offer complex arrangements of modern languages - please see our courses page for details ) *check with the college for the latest details - options offered within these courses also vary

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Sport is informal and not very competitive but great fun - everyone's encouraged to join in and if there's not a club for what you do, just set one up!
Everyone is friendly and the atmosphere is quite relaxed, find yourself constantly walking around saying hi all the time!
I would say "shockingly bad" [previous comment] is a little harsh on the hall food, plenty of people eat three meals a day in hall and survive perfectly fine!
location is spot-on, really close to town and even the off-site accommodation is only a 10min walk/2min cycle to town.
Hertford has a small gym which is in the basement of one of the stairwells, and a sports field which is quite far away - about half an hour's walk. In my opinion this is one of Hertford's major downfalls, but we usually played on other college's pitches/fields so it can be overcome.
The accommodation and rooms vary - some are more traditional (college and some annexes) and others are newer and more modern, but some argue these lack character.
Hertford has quite a political JCR, and student participation is strongly encouraged.
Hertford is a lovely college which manages to avoid much of the traditional snobbiness which Oxbridge is often associated with. Everyone is friendly and down-to-earth - a very happy place to be!

Study (4), Artiness (4), Sport (3), Music (3), Facilities (2), Accommodation (3), Smugness (1)

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The best and worst thing about Hertford is it's insularity - everyone knows everyone, we go out together, have loads of fun and always support one another. If you don't get involved in any uni wide socs though you may find that you become so absorbed in Hertford that you forget there's a world outside. Not big on intercollege fraternisation. It's location is fantastic, the people are down-to-earth and friendly - it's the ultimate egalitarian college - balance of boys and girls/ state and private/ north and south and everyone gets along. Everyone's an individual and students and generally confident and quite outspoken - it was recently voted most outgoing in the OxStu. Politically active JCR - not too sporty but good for rowing. Only student run bar in Oxford - favourite place for Hertfordians before a night out - we go out a lot and have good entz. Formal hall's good, normal hall's shockingly bad. Accommodation is provided throughout undergrad - on site in 1st year - everyone together, off site 2nd year, but still together in south Ox (near music fac) and 3rd years are split between on and off site.

Study (3), Artiness (3), Sport (2), Music (3), Facilities (3), Accommodation (3), Smugness (3)

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Beautiful, compact and very friendly college. Right in the middle of Oxford. I can't think of another Oxford college that I'd rather be at, delighted to be here. And, of course, we have the Bridge of Sighs......

Study (4), Artiness (3), Sport (2), Music (4), Facilities (3), Accommodation (4), Smugness (1)

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