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Mansfield College, Oxford

Mansfield College, Oxford was founded in 1886. It teaches in the region of 215 undergraduate students and 51 graduates. The college is ranked in position 25 of 30 in the Norrington Table of academic results for the year 2014 (where 1 is the top possible score). It is located around 0.55 km from the centre of town.

Courses offered [ + ] Engineering Science | English | Geography | History | History and Politics | Human Sciences | Law | Materials Science | Mathematics | Mathematics and Philosophy | Mathematics and Statistics | Oriental Studies* | Philosophy and Theology | Philosopy, Politics and Economics (PPE) | Physics | Theology and Religion | (additional courses are often available to post-graduate students and many colleges offer complex arrangements of modern languages - please see our courses page for details ) *check with the college for the latest details - options offered within these courses also vary | locate on map

All freshers live on the college site, and around half get ensuite bathrooms. Second years live out and then third years put their names into a ballot for rooms in college for final year.

We have a very large and nice JCR to hang out in (excellent for practicing pool). The wood panelled main library is really beautiful and our libraries are open 24/7.

It is not a traditionally sporty place, but we have lots of link ups with Merton college to share facilities and teams for the larger sports.

Food is really good in the canteen where there are two formal halls a week (you need to wear the gown for these- which ends up being quite fun one you're over the weirdness) and twice a term we have formal formals (black tie four course meal for only 6 pound fifty!). Or if you prefer there are a few college kitchens you can make your own food in.

Study (3), Artiness (3), Sport (2), Music (3), Facilities (2), Accommodation (3), Smugness (2)

Review by Eve - Student (August 26, 2009) - add your impression

Mansfield is a beautiful college with a very warm atmosphere. Its society is progressive (perhaps the most progressive with exception for Wadham) and enjoys a lot of academic success without there being a great deal of pressure. It currently ranks 16th in the Norrington Table, having ranked 12th the year before.

Study (4), Artiness (3), Sport (2), Music (4), Facilities (3), Accommodation (3), Smugness (1)

Review by Emma - English student, 1st year (July 23, 2013) - add your impression