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St Edmund Hall, Oxford

St Edmund Hall, Oxford was founded in 1226. It teaches in the region of 371 undergraduate students and 175 graduates. The college is ranked in position 28 of 30 in the Norrington Table of academic results for the year 2014 (where 1 is the top possible score). It is located around 0.27 km from the centre of town.

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St Edmund's hall (teddy hall, to its friends) is quite small, very beautiful and home to a great bunch of people.

The annual arts week is a great way to show off paintings, and also caters for the musicans, thesps and poets amongst us..

Our library is pretty unique - found as it is, in St Peter in the east - an old church , stacked high with books and boasting amazing ceilings. Complete with graveyard!

We have two bops a term in the bar and our jcr has a decent telly, sky, dvd/video/ projector for sports stuff. There's also a pool table, and underground games room (incl video games).

The JCR grotto is a little shop which is great fun - selling nibbles alongside unlimited free tea and coffee. While first years live in college onsite, there's not enough room so many years live outside the main bit.. (some in college owned rooms though).

Study (3), Artiness (4), Sport (4), Music (3), Facilities (4), Accommodation (4), Smugness (4)

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Study (3), Artiness (3), Sport (5), Music (3), Facilities (3), Accommodation (3), Smugness (2)

Review by Undisclosed - Student at other college, frequent visitor to Teddy Hall (July 23, 2009) - add your impression

MCR a fantastic place filled with lovely people. A tight-knit community that makes everyone feel at home.

Study (4), Artiness (3), Sport (2), Music (2), Facilities (3), Accommodation (3), Smugness (1)

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